28 November 2017

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions

Hi Friends! Back in 2012 I first tried clip in extensions. I would see all these beauty bloggers sporting extra long full hair and thought to my self I've got to try this! 

And while I did like the longer length, I did NOT love that my head hurt tremendously from the clips after only a few hours of wearing them.

A year or two later I discovered Hidden Crown hair extensions. Essentially it's hair extensions on a wire. Don't think hard wire think like a stretchy bracelet wire or fishing line! Game changer for my sensitive head! My hair no longer hurts since the hair is just resting on my head like a headband of extra hair! The wire is a clear and you cannot see it in pictures or anything once you style your hair! I really wanted extensions that didn't hurt my head,  I kept thinking to myself is that even possible? Don't they all hurt!? False! Hidden Crown do NOT hurt! 

Here I am removing them so you can see me without them in as well. 

Here's me with no extensions in just took them off hence the messy hair at the top of my hair! 

I own/wear two different sets of the Hidden Crown extensions. I first purchased the 20" hidden crown hair extensions back in 2014. It's a lot of hair! My 20" ones are the LIGHT CARMEL HONEY BLONDE MIX-622. 

Then this year, I decided to lighten the load and purchase the Daydream extensions. These are less hair on the wire and I went with a shorter length. I also got a shade lighter 60/80P

Why did I get the lighter weight? Just for that reason, I felt like I didn't need as much hair as the original hidden crown halo had. 

Hair care/maintainance: I RARELY wash my extensions. They hold curl so well and because they aren't your real hair you don't have to worry about them getting oily as a normal head would get after a few days of not washing your hair. I don't use any product in my extensions such as hair spray, to make them last longer. I do spray the top layer of my regular hair to hold my own curls in. This seems to work well with my halo crown. 

Today only Hidden Crown is offering an extra percentage off their extensions since their site had issues for cyber monday's big sales! 

Snag yours today if you are interested! I know extensions can be pricy, but remember you are paying for HUMAN hair and the quality of kept and treated right will last you FOREVER! I still am using/wearing mine from 2014! To me, that's getting your money's worth out of them for sure! 

There are many "How to" tutorial videos on their website as well as on Youtube if you are needing help. I've watched many of them myself and have found all the questions I had answered by watching Bonnie B on Hidden Crown herself demonstrate the How tos. 

****This is NOT A sponsered post! Hidden Crown did not contact me to do a review--all thoughts/opinions are my own! I am just sharing to share since I do get asked often about my hair! 

Curling wands: I use both of these interchangeably: 


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