30 July 2015

Remembering Leslie..

"Most ppl are naive to the unfairness of the world and how fragile life is. we are here today, but nobody is guaranteed anything beyond that."

I just wanted to take a minute and share how devastated I am with the passing of sweet Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition. She was one of the first bloggers I ever really became friends with back when blogging was just taking flight of course in 2009. :)
We shared hair secrets and she gave great make up and tutorials on her hair styling.

She has 2 amazing baby girls who are never going to get to know their mother. For those of you that even still read blogs, or are wondering what happened to Leslie, she was born with a heart defect and had surgery when was was 1 year old. She never had a problem (remission so to speak) all these years later, until the birth of her second daughter. She rapidly went downhill from there, as she was unable to blog as much as she used to. My heart breaks for her sweet husband who is now alone and responsible for raising their daughters on his own.
I think dave matthews band has always said it best in two step (famous song if you haven't heard of it)
"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain." -DMB

Her husband has set up a Go Fund me account for their baby girls futures....if you can or chose to contribute anything..

RIP Leslie. Your warmth and sweetness will ever so be missed.

As Leslie would say,

Be BLESSED lovelies.


  1. still so shocked by this loss.

  2. So sad. She will be missed.

  3. My heart broke to see this earlier. I began reading your's and Leslie's blogs back in 2010...when I began blogging that year in January. LoL..I've made my third blog since then... My first ilost the log in information but at least I had it printed...then I blogged at http://iheartbrowneyes.blogspot.com and then switched to WordPress where my address is heybelly.com ...I just wanted to simplify things so I switched out. Anyhow I've loved reading about you and her's journey through the years. I'm actually a mom of one and I've been in the hospital since May and have missed so much of my child's special moments... Graduation...Mother's Day...his first day of middle school. I'm 29 and I hate spendinging my life like this. I've been on a ventilator and then had have five surgeries in just under two weeks...and some have been emergency so this has been so hard and scary moments have occurred. Actually, the very last comment on Leslie's Instagram was to me...she was so kind and reassuring about me being in the hospital and things taking a turn for the worse for her (under the picture of Ainsley)...I had no idea that she was in such terrible condition. Did anyone know that her circumstance or illness rather turned so terrible? Again, you are so kind to post...she was so beautiful and the inside and out and like your blog, I very much enjoyed reading her's along the years. I still can't really believe it.


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