27 December 2013


This post is completely inspired by and taken from Wrangling chaos blog written by blogger mom Jess. You can read it here :) 

Here's what I started with when I commented on Jess' post on her page:

I don’t do parents at my school who think they know everything that goes on in my class by conversing with their child first, rather than asking me. Those are phone calls I’ll never return on purpose. They care that much, they can hunt me down face to face.

I don’t do winter. Living in AZ has been a dream for the last 9 years. Snow is my nemesis.

I don’t do (hang with or am around) anyone who smokes. Frankly I find the smell repulsing. As well as smokers breath and yellow teeth.

I don’t do generic macaroni and cheese. just can’t and just won’t. Has to be velveeta or 


I don't do new years resolutions. Quite frankly I find them to be like a promise you just can't keep. 

I don't cook. Or bake. Thank goodness for a husband that does both! Whew! Would you want someone to cook your dinner who burns pop corn? I don't think so! 

I don't watch the news. Ever. They never say anything positive or happy on the news, and when they do, its like for a whole 30 seconds which then gets trumped by all the "bad" news. Forget it. 

I don't let others borrow my hair brush or anything lip related. Working in a school and getting the 411 on head lice will do that to a person. haha :) 

I don't do friends who just had kids and blow you off because they are "busy" thing well. If you have time to piss on the toilet and instagram a photo of your kid, then you have time to reply to an email or a text. Just sayin. 

Got any " I don't do's" of your own? 


  1. Oh goodness there's SOOO many "I Don't Do..." I could list. Seriously... I think I could start a weekly post with all my "Don't Do's" haha.

  2. Love this. I hear ya on the last one, very frustrating how people forget how to be a friend..

  3. This is awesome :) i could do one of these posts myself! I have so many "I Don't Do's", some similar to yours--especially I'm too busy b/c of my kids thing. Drives me crazy!

  4. omg I'm doing this next week


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