07 February 2012

Madonna + Super bowl

There were tons of comments on twitter last night all love/hate comments about Madonna and the super bowl. 

My stance?

I loved every single min of her performance UNTIL she sang her new song. 
Madonna is a PERFORMER. She did not disappoint! 

First of all--KUDOS to a woman who is 53 yrs old and can still dance and sing (even if she lip synced) We all know she can sing!

She killed it. 

The only thing I have a hard time with is her pom pom cheer leading song. All I could think of was 

"Alright Madonna, you are a legend. But this new song is terrible. 53 year olds can not rock Pom poms #superbow" (I posted this on FB and twitter) 

When I hear the chant "L U V MADONNA!!!" I think of "Oh Mickey your so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey" Yeah that 80's song

I think Madonna still makes great music. Just NOT loving her new song.

In fact one of the last songs that she recently came out with, that I listen to a lot on my IPOD is "Miles Away" off her Hard Candy Album.

In case you've never heard it, watch/listen here

This has to be hands down one of my favorite of her "newer" old songs :) (if that makes sense!)

Mister Wonderful even heard it on the way to work yesterday (I drove him) and he said he liked it!!!

Oh! And did anyone else think when they saw her outfit how it was reminisce of Michael Jackson's "remember the time" music video costumes!?!

I will always think of Madonna as my generations "Lady Ga Ga" and we all know lady ga ga has done her best to separate her self from the whole "madonna reinvention bit, but we all know that's totally her inspiration--the Queen--Madonna.

She may have a big head, loads of money, but I love her! ;) 



  1. I totally agree...I thought the halftime show was great, but I'm not loving her new song. Sounds way too pop for me {and for her!}.

  2. I completely agree! I loved that she opener with Vogue and sang along all the way until her new song.

  3. I posted about Madge today too.
    I agree 100% , she is a performer!!
    I thought it was hilarious how much sh*t talk
    There was about her on twitter tho!
    I kinda wanted to be like, oh- y'all wanna give
    A 5+ minute halftime show a shot?!

  4. I also enjoy the song Miles Away! :)

    And I agree...the pom poms were awkward!

  5. Lone duck here, but I hated it. My thoughts are that if you're going to lip sync (which I get, because I understand being somewhere so large, it's harder with the sound, whatever), then you better at least dance. And dance, she did not. She kind of moved her arms around a bit, jumped a little and threw some pompoms around-not really dancing to me.
    And she wants people to spend $300 on tickets to see her? She had better entertain better than she did if people are paying that much. I was BORED. I'm such a harsh critic.

  6. I agree too. I think the new song sounds like an Avril Lavigne song

  7. I loved her performance!! A lot of people on twitter hated it, but I'm with you.. I didn't like the new song. But she really rocked it.. she looked like she was in her 20s dancing up there!

  8. I agree! I hated the new song but she killed it and you're rights she's a performer she can put on a show!! but it's funny cause either people loved it or hated it there was no in between

  9. yes the pom pom song....no bueno haha. I've always thought she had lots of talent but I hated that she lip synched the whole thing!

  10. L U V Madonna Y O U you wanna!

    U G H AWFUL!

  11. Not gonna lie... LOVED. EVERY. SECOND. of it!!! The best was her little duet with LMFAO :) Can't believe she is 53, she looks incredible!

  12. I wasn't a big fan. It felt like she was moving at half speed... And that new song?! Not my favorite...

  13. I'm probably one of the few who didn't watch the SuperBowl....but i'm sure Madonna rocked that stage. She's an icon!!!

  14. i absolutely loved loved loved the whole thing; but i will agree with you on the whole LUV MADONNA thing; i kinda was taken back. pom poms. come on now girl.
    but otherwise i loved it!

  15. I agree the song was weird and lame. She is amazing though!!!! and Yes, that is where Lady GaGa gets her shi*.... I hate her (GaGa )

  16. LOVE your review on Madonna! I do prefer 80s Madonna as to the 90ish Madonner but still, she's an artist....ok now MORE wedding posts hahaha xoxoxoxoxo

  17. I loved her performance! Loved hearing all those old songs of hers!


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