09 November 2011

This n that!

This was the "love is" comic from the other day. I always forward the "good ones" to Mister Wonderful. He texted back that he really liked this one too! :) 

Do any of you use any of these? Are they worth the money? As a teacher, I am on my feet ALL day. I sit for lunch, to use the bathroom, and the drive home from work. That's it!!! 

Thus, my feet ACHE and often ruin the fun of ever wanting to wear anything but flats or flip flops because I dread my feet hurting! 

All are on my Christmas list! my feet need COMFORT! 

Here's a few recent art pieces created by my students. The Day of The Dead Skulls is painted by my second graders. Took them 3 art classes to complete! 

The Marigolds were also for Day of The Dead but created by 1st graders.

Lastly, I had a girls night with some friends on Saturday and we all had to bring some appetizers and or desserts.

I saw this on my fellow lovely blogger friend Jax' blog, and thought I'd give it a whirl. Recipe on her page if interested!



  1. Hi there! New follower here! Cute bloggy! Um, that comic pic is too precious! And, those strawberries look amazeballs - def gonna have to try it! :)

  2. I have used the rub relief tape (it's amazing!) and the Ball of the Foot inserts, also helpful! I recommend both of them.

  3. I have used the gel inserts for the balls of my heels { I have them in my million dollar cowboy boots that I bought haha - they make ALLLL the difference!! For sure get those for your heels!!}

    And were the strawberrys good??? They look delish!

  4. 1. i love the comic.
    i always love the "love is" ones.
    2. i stand on my feet all day too.
    thankfully we are allowed to wear sneakers [so i wear running shoes alot..that match of course] but i want to try some of these too
    so after all your comments i will have to come and read what people suggest =]
    have a fantastic day girly

  5. those strawberries look yummy lady!!!!

  6. I love the "LOVE IS" comics!

  7. Mmm, those strawberries look delicious. I will definitely be checking her blog for the recipe.

  8. I love that comic. Do you get those as a daily email? If so, where? I'd love something like that!

  9. The day of the dead pictures look incredible! talented kids you have!!

  10. I've used the high heel inserts and love them! I bought them for an interview and didn't wince in pain once :) Definitely worth it!

  11. those strawberries look delicious!

  12. I use the rub relief stick and SWEAR by it! Totally helps prevent blisters! The ball of the feet thingys didnt work for me. I wound up throwing them away. I also use the liners in my shoes and SWEAR by them too!

  13. those strawberries look yum!!!
    & i hear you about those feet problems haha. i think i need some on my christmas list too!



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