21 November 2011

She's Plastic, it's Fantastic

Anyone watch this show? 
I did! 

Boy, is the opening theme song quite, um not what you hear today on TV sitcoms! hahaha Sounds right out of the 50s! 

Tiffany today, has not managed to secure any acting roles since the early 90s.
Tiffany currently lives in CO, is still in Nursing school and is not married and no kids. 

Emily Schulman I remember was in the Christy saga opposite Kellie Martin. She also starred in a childhood fave movie of mine called "Troop Beverly Hills"

Emily has not had any acting roles since the cancellation of the Christy Saga. When acting roles dried up, she became a theatrical agent and currently works for ACME Talent Agency in Los Angeles.



  1. I used to love this show! Haven't thought about it in ages! Aaah, this brings me back...

  2. I only vaguely remember that show BUT I loved Troop Beverly Hills~ I think I still do.


  3. OOO MMMMM GEEEE! I used to love this show and when people get into conversations about old tv shows people look at me like I have 10 heads b/c they never heard of it!

  4. I vaguely remember this show, the girls look familiar. Sad that they were only child stars :( I do remember Troop Beverly Hills!! And now the "I'm a Barbie Girl" song is dancing through my head!

  5. I loved that show!!!! I always wonder what happens to to actors from old TV shows.

  6. I forget about all these old shows!!! Ahh-- I didn't watch this one.. but I LOVED*** Troop Beverly Hills!!!!


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