30 January 2017

19 wks so far!

I've never done a pregnancy update post--I've read countless over the years but I forget all those little questionaire fill in the blanks that everyone always answers. I'm just going to recap/wing it for this post!

The first Trimester was a whole mesh of feelings and changes for my body. Some days I was exhausted, some days I was completely normal. 
Some days I got sick in the AM, and some mornings I didn't. 

My sense of smell was in high overdrive, I think that was the first real clue I was pregnant. I couldn't even pick up Lucy's poop some mornings had my husband not been out walking with me because I would vomit from the smell! lol 

Certain foods I LOVE, wouldn't eat or want to eat, and certain foods I'd never touch or eat I was eating! Case in point fast food. We RARELY eat anything from McDonalds and such and for a few weeks there, all I wanted for breakfast was a sasauge biscuit and hasbrown from Mc Donalds! So.Not.My.Normal.Thing. But I was going to have to go with it. It was either it something kind of not my normal, or not eat at all, and I couldn't do that! 

I have yet to see these luscious locks that some pregnant women rave about. Yeah my hair has pretty much stayed the same. 

Skin has been extra dry no matter how many layers of lotion I put on. I also have seen a really weird change in congestion in the morning. I'll leave it at that...

Now in the second Trimester, my normal eating has returned, along with an insane amount of trips to the restroom. Pretty much my day has to be thought of that if I go anywhere, is there a bathroom nearby? True. Story. I used to make it through a day of teaching only using the restroom 1-2 times a day. Yeah....now I go like 6-7 times a day! 

Gender: It's a boy! 
Name: (we chose an Italian name more to come on that soon)

I haven't been able to fit into my normal jeans starting around 16 weeks, so last week when I was 17 wks, I had to go out and buy my first pair of maternity jeans. I'm so glad I did they are so comfy! 

That's all I can think of for now! Until later friends! 

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