12 January 2015

Golden Globes

Since we cancelled our cable last week, I was unable to watch the Golden Globes! :( How sad is that? So from all the video feed I could get from my laptop and such, here's who I saw online as my best and worst dressed for the evening! 

In no particular order... Best dressed list

Reese Witherspoon. Girl is just fabulous. Girl crush forever. 

Emma Stone. She looks adorable and I love how different she looks compared to most of the other ladies in their long gowns. 

Viola Davis. Wow! Stunning! 

Lordes. Again, points for looking very dapper.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I am a sucker for canary yellow. 

Naomi Watts. She reminds me of the look Michelle Williams wore all those years ago..the bright yellow and red lips! 

This might of been the best I've ever seen Katie Holmes look! Stunning! 

Worst Dressed:

I love Claire Danes. She's usually always so well polished and dressed to perfection but tonight, she's on the D list for me. Terrible choice in apparel. 

Kiera. Too much blush, her eyebrows look pinched and dress looks frumpy. Poor thing. 

Gwen Paltrow. 
I think she totally had the potential to be on the best dressed list but her hair and makeup just looks like she rolled out of bed! Yuck!

And can someone please tell me the deal on this chick? A BEARD? Is this woman really a man?! I don't get it! 


Who were your picks for the night? 

1 comment:

  1. I thought Emma Stone looked great in her pants! I also agree about Claire D. She looked awful in that dress.


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