27 June 2014

Just call her the ninja hula hooper

If you haven't seen this already, you MUST check out this Ohio girl named Rachel Lust she has MAD SKILLS at hula hooping! Hula hooping is a great core work out for your abs along with a great cardio work out! The music she has in this video is SICK! Very catchy and good to work out to! 


  1. I'm impressed with those hula hoop skills!

  2. Love that you blogged! I saw you aren't posting anymore and I sighed sadly. I had quit too...just hadn't formally announced it. But recently, I've gotten re-invigorated. I don't really know why, but I'm just going with it until I feel like I don't want to anymore. So anyway... I love seeing you on FB and IG, but if you're hopping over here sporatically, know you've got a reader in me! :)


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